Stainless steel enameling

We are able to enamel several austenitic and ferritin stainless steel grades. In close cooperation with the customer our enamel engineers select or develop an appropriate enamel or enamelling process. The selected enamel depends on the customer’s specifications. This can be for multiple reasons: aesthetic, magnetism, high voltage resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance or anti-bacterial build up.

The dimensions (size and shape) and the composition of the grade play an important role in the choice of processing as well.

With regards to the aesthetic aspects of the stainless steel products, enamel is the solution to prevent discoloration. In case stainless steel heats up to 300dC the product will finally turn purple-brownish if not protected well. This feature in combination with excellent thermo shock properties and thermal resistance makes enamel the best protective layer for your heated stainless steel products!