Other FTP Group Areas

Besides General enamelling, Ferro Techniek focuses on the following three different business areas:

Thick film heating 

Ferro Techniek designs and manufactures thick film heaters. Heaters consist of a metal core, coated (enameled) with a glass-ceramic lining. The glass-ceramic provides electrical insulation and carries the screen printed (conductive) heater tracks.

Heat exchanger parts

Ferro Techniek is known in Europe as a leading vitreous enameller of heat exchanger elements for flue gas-treatment installations in power plants. Specialisation throughout the years has led to a thorough expertise and a high class quality product. Quality, innovation and cooperation go hand in hand at Ferro Techniek.

Enamelling of stainless Steel.

We are able to enamel several austenitic and ferritic stainless steel grades. In close cooperation with the customer our enamel engineers select or develop an appropriate enamel or enamelling process. The selected enamel depends on the customer’s specifications. This can be for multiple reasons: aesthetic, magnetism, high voltage resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance or anti-bacterial build up.