Heat exchangers

Ferro Techniek are known in Europe as a leading vitreous enameler of heat exchanger elements for flue gas-treatment installations in power plants. Considerable sales have been realized outside Europe as well.

Specialization throughout the years has led to a thorough expertise and a high class quality product. Quality, innovation and cooperation go hand in hand at Ferro Techniek. In collaboration with well-known research institutes, suppliers and customers this has resulted in a second to none quality standard.


With the help of a sophisticated computer program the life time expectation of heat exchangers can be calculated for both Air preheater and Gas-Gas heaters in DeSOx or DeNOx installations. Specific properties of these exclusive enamels are easy to clean, thermal resistance. Chemical resistance and extreme low porosity levels.

Ferro Techniek have played an active role in several Standard Committees for many years and is well connected with the inspection institutes.  Ferro Techniek is manufacturing in The Netherlands and is ISO 9001/2000 certified by “Det Norske Veritas” (DNV). Next to the ISO-9001/2000 certificate Ferro Techniek is also licensed by the EEA (European Enamel Authority) to use the quality label according application area 7.18 for regenerative, packed and enameled heat exchangers for Air/Gas and Gas/Gas heaters with license number 102.