Enamelling technology

Ferro Techniek applies porcelain enamel on (enamel grades) steel, cast iron and various stainless steel types. We manufacture enameled products by utilizing various enamel application processes:

Our enameled products are fired at high temperatures (700 – 950dC). Most important characteristics of enamel are:

  • High corrosion resistance (both acid- and alkali resistant)
  • High temperature resistance
  • High thermal shock resistance (up to 400dC)
  • Easy to clean surface (anti-graffiti)
  • Colors and gloss will not age (weather proof)

In our enamel laboratory process engineers develop the required enamel recipes which make us experts in color enameling. Both glossy and and matt surfaces are possible. Upon request we develop customer specific solutions.

Know how Ferro Techniek

We at Ferro Techniek Colombia are specialized in enameling cast iron pan support, small pot food, grids, griddles, woks, cast iron burners and burner caps, pouring pot for water and tea and skillets in mainly matt black enamel by means of our EPD process (Electrophoretic Deposition). Various colors in a 1-coat / 1-fire system are also possible with EDP; colors such as grey, brown, blue and even a metallic look have been developed at Ferro Techniek, Gaanderen in the Netherlands.